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Bob Charles

22 Aug

So just like last week, I decided to do the writing prompt that I posted yesterday. While this isn’t going to be the best work I’ve done, that is currently going into my manuscript, it will give you a sense of how to create a character on the fly that seems both believable and could have a story based upon them:

When people say that they rolled out of bed, it doesn’t mean they physically rolled. Often times, it is just a quick turn of the body, flipping covers off and letting legs fall harmlessly to the floor. However, in the case of Robert Charles the third, aka Bob Charles, he literally rolled.

Bob had been lying in the center of his king size bed, his enormous stomach creating a mountain under the sheets as he slept peacefully on his back. His feet poked out from underneath the strewn about covers, revealing long, yellowish nails, yellow from the gout he found himself constantly fighting. His snores slowly reverberated off the the dark blue walls. When he had bought the house, the paint for the bedroom had been this color and even though he hated it and swore to change it, he never did.

As the sun rounded the corner of his house and began shedding more light into the tiny area where Bob slept, his alarm began chirping. The loud noise startled Bob and as he went to turn off his phone, his heavy frame, working in coordination with its best friend gravity, pulled him forward until he rolled, yes rolled, across the bed and smacking heavily into the brown carpeting that was under his bed. As he fell, Bob’s balding head, now only having a sliver of silver towards the back and connecting to his back hair, smacked smartly against his end table.

“Ouch!” He said to himself on the floor. As he lay there, head throbbing in pain, he stared at the things that had accumulated under his bed. A crusty pair of boxer briefs, several suitcases he bought for various job trips, a box to his 36″ tv, and a set of bongos he didn’t know he had. What a great discovery, he thought to himself as he hoisted his large, 5’8″ frame back to his feet, his belly bouncing with the movement. Bob Charles smiled as he saw the sun coming into the room. Despite his fall, he knew it would be a good day.



So as you can see this was more to describe what the character looks like. I gave heavy description on his appearance while also setting the scene. The scene itself can also help an author make a character come to life as well. For example, giving a list of things under his bed helps to show what kind of person he is. The same goes with his reaction to falling out of bed. These are subtle things any writer can do to help create the character they desire. There is a reason, show vs tell is very important in the world of writing, and what I wrote above was just one example of that.

That’s all I have for today. Check back in tomorrow when I go over what has been written for my manuscript this week.


A Book Has No Name: Setting

20 Aug

Hello, time for part one of my two part update on the second book in the Forsaken World Chronicles. To get things started right away, I’m currently sitting at over 10,000 words, or going onto 35 pages, while still being at the beginning of the book. If I had to take a guess, this book is going to become one monster sized novel, no pun intended.

So with this update, I thought I might share what I’ve been working. At this point, I’ve got about three characters borderline established. As stated in a previous post there is Abraham, who is the main character and is accompanied by his fabulous partner Reggie. I feel both of them have their most important qualities outlined and as the story continues to unfold, they will continue to show more of who they are. Either way, I’m happy with where they are at.

In addition, my antagonist has had a nice introduction in the beginning. I still have my reservations with starting the novel with him, but I have a feeling he is what will really draw most of my readers into the story. I’ve currently been thinking a lot about this character and I have a feeling he will soon be showing himself again in my manuscript.

But, the important thing that developed in today’s writing session was the establishment of a little bit more setting. While I do not want to give too much away, I’m happy with how things progressed and turned out. While bringing some much needed description and explanation into how the world has been functioning on a more natural level, a few folds emerged that may become integral to the plot line later on.

In a way, I also impressed myself as well with some additional backstory that was created by just trying to find creative avenues to discuss the wilderness and weather. By trying to find a natural way to have this happen, I found myself presenting information on things people may ask about. Things like what kind of music or entertainment is in your future? How is it treated? What kind of things are allowed or not allowed? Questions that I would find myself asking if I was reading my own book were essentially taken care of.

Finally, this book is supposed to be an awesome blend of science fiction dystopia, horror, and a mystery thriller. One difference I have found while doing this on the scale of a novel over a collection of short stories is that certain elements require patience. There is nothing I want to do more right now than to scare the ever living hell out of my reader with the things I have in store for them, but I know to get that pay off requires telling a proper story. With that in mind, I find myself continuing to push through the things I may not want to write, but need to, so that my finish project will be a wild adventure for my readers to enjoy.

I believe that about sums up what I’ve completed for the day. My hope is to at least have two more chapters written and edited by the end of the week.

Weekly Writing Practice: The Room

14 Aug

Hello everyone! Welcome to what I’m tentatively calling the “Weekly Writing Exercise.” Since I’ve wandered into this wonderful world of being an indie author and a blogger, I have found that it has been a blast to talk to people about writing and the steps that I take in order to prepare for writing something new and original.

Which trust me, it’s painstakingly hard and complicated and not always easy to teach.

However, one thing that is very easy to teach is the simple idea that the best writers get great by writing everyday. Now for some, that’s constantly working on their next book. For others, they write short stories to sell as well. Or if you’re like me, you blog about about writing, discuss writing on social media platforms, and try to share as much creative new content as possible.

Regardless of what your take on writing is, it is important to make sure that you ARE writing everyday. So this is where the challenge lies. What do you write about? Well whatever you do, don’t fret, that is what I’m here for. Each week I will post an easy prompt to work on. Something to just help get the creative juices flowing and to practice your writing skills. Remember what they say: Practice makes perfect.

So this week’s writing prompt will is quite simple. Describe the area you write in. Tell me about the room you’re currently in. Are you lying on your bed writing or are you at a desk? What is in the room with you? What is nearby? Focus on simply putting me in the room with you. Don’t leave any detail out. By the end of your writing, your reader SHOULD be able to feel like they’re sitting or standing next to you in the room.

Now the final part of this. What to do with this prompt once you write it? Well that’s easy: share it. Show it to a family member or a friend. Share it on your social media pages and show off. Hell, post it in the comments anywhere you may read this post. I’d be happy to read it and tell you what I think. Also, don’t worry. I will also be doing this same prompt and showing what I created tomorrow. Until then get to work and remember, to get better all you have to do is one thing…

Just write.