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Weekly Writing Prompt: Something New

25 Sep

Hello fellow writer’s and welcome to Tuesday’s Weekly Writing Prompt! As always, I’m here to encourage you to make sure that you’re writing everyday. Not only is practicing writing a good habit, but will also make you better at it in the long run. That and reading, reading is also important. But I digress.

For this week’s writing prompt, I thought I would issue a challenge over something to practice with. I feel that it’s always best to try and find ways to improve your writing. Obviously, reading and practicing as I stated above will go a long way, but that isn’t the only thing you should be doing.

So here is my challenge: Break from your usual routines and read and write something unique and different. I’m talking a whole new genre for you. Many of us writer’s find ourselves in niches, certain genres and writing styles we love, and don’t worry because I’m one of those writer’s. If you check out my book, A Monstrous Tomorrow, you’ll quickly see my influence from H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and more.

There is good reason those influences show up too: it’s because it’s the genre I love to read. Even looking at the bottom of the page you’ll see on my Goodreads that I’m currently reading more Lovecraft, some Neil deGrasse Tyson for science, and Leviathan Wakes for my science fiction. These just happen to be the genres I love and so I constantly look to them for inspiration.

However, just like I stated in my challenge, we as writer’s need to be able to work outside of the genres we love. That’s why I’ll also read books like I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, or Total Frat Move, both of which are comedies about college party life. Is this a lifestyle I personally lived? No. Is it one I wish I lived? Probably not. However, the books are comical to read and give insight into an area that I don’t know well and can transition into my own work.

So this week, first go out there and try to find a short creative work in a genre that’s new to you. It could be erotica, if you’re in the mood for that, or maybe a romance piece. Maybe you’ve stayed away from the horror genre because you’re worried reading it will make it hard for you to sleep, well just read it during the day! Find something outside of your comfort zone and just read it.

Then, once you’re done reading, I highly suggest trying to imitate the work you read and write in that genre. Even if you have a manuscript or a small piece you’re working on, you never know how this study and practice of a new genre may help you. Do you feel like two of your characters may fall in love? Then read a romance and see how an author handled a scene like that. Maybe you’re planning on having a character do something in the realm of science. Perfect! Read some science fiction and see how those authors handle science and then write it your way.

This week’s prompt is fun and easy. Find a new genre. Read the new genre. Write in new genre.

Simple. See you tomorrow with mine.


As the Grass Grows

13 Jul

I sat in my favorite chair and stared out the window. Ahead of me was a small area of grass, something a tenant had planted on the pavilion of the apartment. My friend had paid extra to get our place to have a window and door leading out to it. It was my favorite area to look at.

I missed him now as I sat in my chair, looking out into this grassy patch. He had said he would be right back, he just needed to get a tune up on his arm and leg. Both were old and beginning to rust. It had been raining when he left, a slow cold drizzle that would pierce deep into your body if you let it. I had watched as the back of his car lit up red before lifting with an exhaustive sigh into the sky. It sailed him away.

While he was gone I toiled away at my tasks around our two bedroom place. I first took my time with the cleaning, taking the items I left thoughtlessly all over our home and placing them back where they belonged. There would be the occasional mechanical noises up in the corner of the room, the signal that the camera was still on and watching me. Sometimes I wondered who was on the other side of the lens.

After I had cleaned up, I went to the kitchen and found the food that had been prepared earlier in the day. Despite the lingering smell it gave off, I couldn’t help but love the taste of it. I chowed down until I felt as though my stomach would burst, and then polished it off by guzzling down some water. As I walked back to the kitchen, I watched as the lights above kicked on with my movements. It astounded me how the hallway knew to light the way for me. Back in the living room, I pawed at the remote until the news came on and plopped onto the couch. I slept.

I awoke to a crash outside of the apartment. It startled me and I yelped out before running over to the window. The rain was coming down hard now, illuminated by the bright signs on the walls and the cars flying by at a breakneck speed. It was hard for me to take in all at once. I tried to find what made the noise, but I struggled to see what had awoken me from my slumber.

Then I saw him, my friend. He had slammed his car door shut and was walking towards the apartment. His arm and and leg looked shiny and new in the rain. Almost like the day he had them installed. I was excited to see that he had returned and began to let my tail wag when I saw the stranger behind him. He was a tall stranger in a black coat. He had a large, bulky frame and the only thing I could see was the red, cybernetic eye. He was closing in on my friend.

I let out a bark, and then another. I was doing anything I could to warn my friend. He was now walking in the grass and ignoring my warnings. He lifted his metal arm to wave with a smile on his face. Behind him, the stranger lunged forward, knocking my friend off his feet and onto the ground. My friend let out a scream as the stranger pulled a shiny and sharp object from his pocket and let it plunge into my friend. As my friend let out a howl of pain, I barked in unison, trapped inside our home and unable to help. The stranger stood and looked at me, red eye aglow, before walking towards my friend’s car. He got in and I let another bark out and watched as the door closed. The car lifted and was gone.

I looked back out at my favorite spot. My friend was there lying in the rain. He hadn’t moved since the stranger left with his car. I barked at him a few more times, but he wouldn’t come. I stopped and just stared at him. The rain came down harder but it could no longer help my friend to move any faster towards our home. Instead, it just made the grass continue to grow.