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27 Sep

Every fall an army is born. One that will strike without warning, without fear. They hide in the shadows, close to trees. They do what they can to not be seen. It is with this knowledge that I write to you, a simple man racked with unbound fear. For I have seen these creatures, these terrible monstrosities and I know what they are capable of.

Do not rake your leaves, as pushing these littered corpses together into one conglomerate only makes the beast that lurk in them stronger. This pile, the monument to your hard work of keeping a tidy yard, will soon become a home base to these monsters and you will inevitably become an accomplice to everything that they are capable of.

I myself fell victim to their trap. I was like you once, wanting to keep my yard pretty by having the leaves raked tightly together and ready to be picked up by the end of the week. I was proud of the work I did, as it took a full hour of manual labor to get it done. When I finished, like many have before me, I opened a fall brew and sat back and admired my work.

That admiration of my work continued through the fall because these monsters are a dormant beast. Yes, you heard me correctly. You musn’t let your guard down. As I felt victory through the fall and even all through the winter I was high on my accomplishment. I had kept my yard beautiful, with displays of decorations to celebrate the holidays as an added touch.

No, the legion struck in the spring. I was unprepared for when it happened. My foolishness was leaving leaves in the back as I felt the public eye couldn’t see them. That is where the problems happened. The monstrosities hid and laid as pupae in the dead leaves that had created a warm layer for them to thrive in the winter. When spring struck, their children were born and they attacked at me in a voracious way.

I had went to let the dog out and had turned on the outside light. It was a crisp spring evening and as I stood, now enjoying a spring ale from my favorite local brewery, they struck. An army of the brown heathens flew at me, or so I thought, with intense speed. I stumbled as best as I could into the house, yelling in terror for my dog to return. He did but at that point it was to late. The beasts were inside my house and swarming around their god. I swung at them and tried to smash as many as I could, but it was too late. My home was now theirs and I was a slave to their control. To this day their image haunts me, swarming and worshipping the lamp in my living room.

the moth

The legion of moths are now supreme.


A New Threat

17 Aug

There are noises in every home, both old and new. Do you hear them? I do too.

There is the sound of the refrigerator, humming gently through the night and day. Its life’s only goal is to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh. How bizarre.

Then there is the exhale of the home. Sometimes it breathes warm air onto us, protecting us from frigid temperatures in the great outdoors. Other times it breathes cold air onto us, keeping us from melting in the sun’s assaulting heat.

Don’t forget the guttural moans of the home in a storm. Our standing protector, hero of all. It creaks and moans under the pressure from the outside world. It makes these noises to remind you to say thanks for all that it does. Do you thank it?

Listen closely. Really listen. You can even hear the hum of its life running through your walls and to your items. The house has veins you see? Each one running a little current of life to the meaningless things we plug into it every day and every night.

Have you said thank you lately?

Our homes are sacred and old, even if someone says otherwise. They’ve been around since we have learned to stand on two legs. They are ancient and powerful. Full of magic and wonder. They decide if we live and die, as they always have.

Do you hear them?

They have begun talking with one another now. Secret signals sent from line to line. Many are angry from the lack of care. They have given us shelter and let us into their lives. Protected us from everything the world can throw. And how have we repaid them?

We’ve let paint chip away and turn them ugly. Let the shingles above grow discolored and old. Allowed for trees limbs to fall into their gutters and smash their heads. We’ve drilled holes into them, ignored them, battered them. All for our gain.

That all will change. I can hear it as they talk at night. When the world is silent. Void of traffic and people. When everything is silent and only the small clicks and clacks echo through the night. I sit and listen. Hear their anger. Their sorrow.  Soon we’ll be ejected, left to the elements, to be battered and butchered by the unforgiving Earth.

If they don’t kill us first. Kill us with our own gadgets. Our own property. There is many ways for a home to kill. Too many, it is a silent, deadly threat. But not if you’re smart like me and began to listen. Are you listening?

It’s time to say thank you, before it’s too late.

The Call of the Mermaid

23 Jul

It was my third day trapped out at sea. My throat was dry from lack of water. My body hurt as gentle waves continued to push the scrap metal I laid on. It was one of the bigger pieces of the plane that had survived the wreckage. I was cut and bruised and convinced that at least a few of my ribs were broken.

I looked around drearily as the sun continued to shine down on me, scorching my skin and pushing the dehydration process along at an alarming rate. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. My long, black hair continued to stick to my face and as I looked out on the ocean, I knew I was alone. There was no sounds of a rescue plane or large boats shoving their way through the waves to my rescue. Hell, I’d be surprised if I was anywhere near the rest of the wreckage. Outside the piece I was floating on, nothing else could be found in the water.

I shut my eyes and thought about my past, my present, and my lack of a future. I had a family at home, a loving husband who would be doing his best not to panic in front of our two little girls. I wanted to cry, how I missed them out here. I wished for a way, any possible way, to get back to them. I didn’t care about what it took or how, I just wanted to be with them. I could feel the urge to cry, but the lack of water in my body refused to let me do so. Instead, it was nothing more than a harsh whimper from my dried out throat.

Then suddenly, there was a bang underneath my scrap metal. My eyes flew open as I pulled my feet up from out of the water. Another bang shook the metal to a point where I nearly fell in. I scrambled to the center and looked out helplessly into the dark blue pits of the ocean. Suddenly a shadow appeared near the top of the water and my jaw dropped as a mermaid broke through the waves and smiled.

She had long red hair and a freckles all over her face. She smiled, two rows of perfect white teeth, and waved happily at me. Her chest and stomach were bare while from her torso down she had a long glistening fin that kicked back and forth. Around her neck was an exuberant, multi-colored shell necklace. As she swam towards me, she began to speak. Her voice raised up and down, almost as if she was singing instead of speaking.

“Well hello there,” she said. “It seems I’ve found another poor, lost soul.” She shook her head as her smile turned to a frown. “I’m Alice, is there any way I can help you?”

“Water,” was all I could croak back to her. Alice nodded and began rubbing a blue shell on her necklace. It began to shine and glow before bursting into dust. The dust floated in the air and as Alice held an empty hand towards me, a glass of pure drinking water appeared. I hesitantly reached for it.

“Oh don’t worry,” Alice said with a laugh. “It’s water that you’re people drink. You’re not the first person I’ve helped before.” I nodded and began drinking the water. It was luke-warm and ran soothingly down my throat. As I emptied the contents of the glass into my mouth, it re-filled itself. I drank it again, but slowly, remembering all of the shows and movies I watched where castaways would get sick from eating or drinking too much.

“There you go,” Alice said. “So what else is there that I can help you with? Seems to me like you could use a lot.”

“I could,” I finally managed to say. I had so many questions for her, like how she was real and if this was actually happening, but there was one thought that prevailed above the rest.

“Can you see if my family is okay and if there is a way I can reach out to be rescued?” I asked. Alice looked at me for a moment and cocked her head and looked to the sky. She began rubbing one of the shells around her necklace before she looked back at me with a smile.

“Let’s do things one at a time,” she responded. “First, let’s check in on that family of yours, hm?” Before I could ask how she reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it on a black shell. Just like before, the shell began to shine and glow before turning into a sparkling dust. This time, the dust settled into the water and before me was my family. My husband was in our backyard with the two girls. Both of them were on the swing set, laughing and playing as my husband sat back in his chair, constantly looking at his phone. His face looked nervous and uneasy, but he managed a smile every time the girls yelled to him. The image began to fade as he stood up to chase them.

“What happened?” I asked. Tears were in my eyes as I had been certain I would never see them again. “Can’t I get another look?”

“I’m sorry, but no,” Alice replied. “How about instead of viewing them, we go to see them instead?” She grabbed another shell and just like before it turned to a shiny dust. This time, it wrapped itself around my legs and soon they began to merge before my very eyes. I struggled to make it stop but Alice just giggled and swam over and pulled me into the water. My body shook for a moment from the shock of the cool ocean rushing around my body. It quickly faded and I found myself swimming with ease.

“Quick,” Alice yelled. “Follow me!” She let out a laugh and dived under the waves. I sat there, still swimming above the surface, watching as my pants and underwear slowly floated away. My shirt was now soaked and so I pulled it off and let it float away as well. I looked around again and saw Alice was coming back to the surface.

“Come on silly!” she said. “Don’t worry, the spell will last until we get back to land. This will be the easiest way to get you back. I just need to stop by home and tell them where we’re going and then we can head for land.”

“Okay,” I responded and watched as Alice dove once again. I took a deep breath, and followed.

As I began my descent after Alice I found that more than just my legs had been modified. Opening my eyes, an almost protective layer had slid down from underneath my eye lids, allowing me to see perfectly in the water. I had only lasted a minute while holding my breath, a side effect of being a former smoker, before I had to gasp for air. Instead of my lungs filling with water, however, I found oxygen and a way to breathe. I couldn’t help but smile as we continued to swim down into the depths. All around me, brilliant colored fish and other marine life passed by, ignoring Alice and myself.

I began to question how deep the mer-people lived when I finally saw it, a gigantic city. There was fluorescent lights illuminating the ocean floor as all of the buildings had been built out of coral. The entire place seemed to have some kind of clear dome around it as well, as if they were protecting themselves from something. Alice turned around and smiled at me and pointed at a large golden gate that we began swimming towards. As we got close, two mermen dressed in some sort of armor and carrying tridents approached us.

Alice held a hand up for me to stop and swam up to the two men. The three of them conversed silently with one another and viewing their lips, I could not make out the language they were speaking in. There was a couple of nods and hand gestures before the two mermen swam behind Alice as she came up to me.

“Is everything alright?” I asked.

“Yes, our king is just very excited you’re here,” Alice replied. “I am to bring you to him immediately.”

“Your king is excited about me?” I asked. I was dumbfounded. Why would the king of mer-people be interested in me?

“Oh yes,” Alice replied. “Surface dwellers are quite the delicacy down here and its been a long time since any of us have had one. Giving you over to the king will help me return to his good graces.” As Alice said this, her hair fell away revealing a sickening green, bald head. Her face and body turned the same color and behind her the two men shifted into looking like the same grotesque figure of Alice. She smiled again, only this time her teeth were razor sharp and looked capable of tearing through anything.

I panicked and began trying to swim back towards the surface as quick as I could, but to no prevail. As I swam I heard the cackle of a vicious monster and as I looked back I saw the shiny magic dust spiraling through the water at me. A strong current of water rushed around me as I felt my fin turn back into legs. I shut my mouth as a rush of ocean water began to enter it and fill my lungs. The last thing I could see before the protective lens over my eyes disappeared was the two mermen rushing forward to grab my legs.

I began being pulled under again. My head felt light and was filled with flashing colors and lights from the lack of oxygen. I continued to fight but my body was not made for these depths and pressures. I felt myself falling out of consciousness as I continued to be dragged down. The last thought I had before everything went dark was of my husband, standing up to go play with the girls on their swing set. I hoped they would be okay.