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Let the Fun Begin

10 Sep

Well it came and passed and was a major success. I officially did my first book signing at the 408 Fine Arts Factory in Peru, Illinois and let me just say I had fun while learning a few things for future endeavors. The biggest thing that I learned was that it doesn’t hurt to tell the audience what your book is about. In hindsight, it seems like something that should not have been over looked on my part and yet I still managed to do it. Oh well, hopefully the next time I get things right.

But now that the book signing has came and passed, it is time to focus in on getting my book out there once again. On the off chance you haven’t bought a copy yet, A Monstrous Tomorrow is available on Amazon and to the right hand side of your screen. With the sequel still being in the early stages, there is still plenty of time to get a copy and get it read.

As for the future, my next endeavor is to really grind in on marketing my book. This starts with both running ads AND trying to get more reviews. If you’re a professional reviewer and have the proper credentials, feel free to get in contact with me. I would love to be able to get a copy in your hands in order to get more information out into the ether about my book.

The other option I have is to begin running professional ads and promotions on Amazon. Starting sometime in October, my book will run at a discount for a handful of days (I haven’t decided which yet) and hopefully as you visit the site you’ll begin seeing suggestions for my book to be purchased as well.

Please also keep an eye on my author page on Amazon as well. With Halloween coming up, I will be rolling out some more short horror stories on there for people to read and preview. Hopefully that will inspire others to check out my book as well.

The only other thing I have to say is to start tuning in regularly with my blog and my social media accounts. With my favorite time of year coming up, I tend to get inspired to write a lot of my best work in the fall. As such, tiny stories may begin appearing on Facebook, Twitter, this blog, or even my Amazon page for purchase. This will be quite an exciting flurry so stay tuned!


Update On….ME!

6 Sep

Hey everybody, so I just thought I would just do a quick post today to give an update on me, myself, and I. It will basically cover what I’ve been working on and why there haven’t been as many posts as I usually do.

So to start things off, I would like to let everyone know that if you have the time and energy, I will be doing a book signing of A Monstrous Tomorrow in Peru, Illinois. Details are listed on my Facebook page. The event will run from 1-3:30 with yours truly doing a reading from the book (which story is still being determined) along with a Q&A session after. There will be a limited quantity of books for sale and will run $10 a piece. Please bring cash or make sure to try and get your copy of the book through Amazon ASAP.

Next order of business is the sequel to A Monstrous Tomorrow, or as it its known on this blog, A Book Has No Name. As it stands, I’ve only written one chapter since the last time I gave any information on the book. As a reminder, it will be a full length novel and not a collection of short stories this time around. It will feature one of the characters from A Monstrous Tomorrow, so if you’re interested in the second book of The Forsaken World Chronicles, I highly recommend reading A Monstrous Tomorrow.

Besides the book, there are two other projects I’m working on. One is entirely under wraps but let me just say, when it’s done, everyone will fall in love with it. The other is of course, Pantheon Productions. We have backtracked a bit and began filming short creative pieces again and look forward to getting those out to the public soon. In the meantime, I am continuing to try and strive towards making our three fiction towns feel as real as possible.

I believe that is it for now. As it stands, my focus over the past two weeks was first vacation and now my book signing. After this weekend, my focus will return to solely the blog and only my writing projects.

Make sure to come back tomorrow because I can guarantee there will be a new fiction piece up for everyone to enjoy!

Bob Charles

22 Aug

So just like last week, I decided to do the writing prompt that I posted yesterday. While this isn’t going to be the best work I’ve done, that is currently going into my manuscript, it will give you a sense of how to create a character on the fly that seems both believable and could have a story based upon them:

When people say that they rolled out of bed, it doesn’t mean they physically rolled. Often times, it is just a quick turn of the body, flipping covers off and letting legs fall harmlessly to the floor. However, in the case of Robert Charles the third, aka Bob Charles, he literally rolled.

Bob had been lying in the center of his king size bed, his enormous stomach creating a mountain under the sheets as he slept peacefully on his back. His feet poked out from underneath the strewn about covers, revealing long, yellowish nails, yellow from the gout he found himself constantly fighting. His snores slowly reverberated off the the dark blue walls. When he had bought the house, the paint for the bedroom had been this color and even though he hated it and swore to change it, he never did.

As the sun rounded the corner of his house and began shedding more light into the tiny area where Bob slept, his alarm began chirping. The loud noise startled Bob and as he went to turn off his phone, his heavy frame, working in coordination with its best friend gravity, pulled him forward until he rolled, yes rolled, across the bed and smacking heavily into the brown carpeting that was under his bed. As he fell, Bob’s balding head, now only having a sliver of silver towards the back and connecting to his back hair, smacked smartly against his end table.

“Ouch!” He said to himself on the floor. As he lay there, head throbbing in pain, he stared at the things that had accumulated under his bed. A crusty pair of boxer briefs, several suitcases he bought for various job trips, a box to his 36″ tv, and a set of bongos he didn’t know he had. What a great discovery, he thought to himself as he hoisted his large, 5’8″ frame back to his feet, his belly bouncing with the movement. Bob Charles smiled as he saw the sun coming into the room. Despite his fall, he knew it would be a good day.



So as you can see this was more to describe what the character looks like. I gave heavy description on his appearance while also setting the scene. The scene itself can also help an author make a character come to life as well. For example, giving a list of things under his bed helps to show what kind of person he is. The same goes with his reaction to falling out of bed. These are subtle things any writer can do to help create the character they desire. There is a reason, show vs tell is very important in the world of writing, and what I wrote above was just one example of that.

That’s all I have for today. Check back in tomorrow when I go over what has been written for my manuscript this week.

A Trend in Writing

10 Aug

As usual, I will try and keep this week’s blog post short and sweet as we come cruising in on the weekend full force. To end the week, I just wanted to touch on some trends I’ve noticed while entering the indie author scene and was hoping to get some feedback on this.

One of the main things I’ve noticed about a lot of authors that I’ve interacted with lately is that they are using their first two initials and then a last name for their pen name. Is there something that I have missed out on in this trend? Is there a reason for going this route?

Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why a lot of people like using pen names. I personally thought about using one for a long time. There is nothing quite like being able to ensure your privacy when you want it. There is also the thrill of being able to separate your work from yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen various authors have to explain that something a character said or believes isn’t what they personally believe. So yes, I understand the use of a pen name, I just don’t get the current trend of imitating C.S. Lewis. If anyone can explain, that’d be great because I’m at a loss.

The other trend that I’ve noticed is that there is still a big run on people either writing supernatural romances or fantasy. A decent amount of science fiction is being done as well. The main thing I want to address with this is an article that I read several years back. I’ve done my research and sadly I can’t find it. Essentially, it was written after 9/11 and during the Bush administration, It discussed the fact that artists have a tendency of creating art that reflects their time. (Also, I know that is a concept that is taught all through school, I’m just lamenting not finding this one specific article because it made more relevant references).

So, I think my big question is this, or I guess, questions is more appropriate. First and foremost, is this adventure into science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy being written as a response to a current political environment? I know personally my series is. My other question is if it’s not a direct response to these things, is it what pop culture is still demanding? Or is it neither of those things, and just the typical fact that authors are strange souls that enjoy writing on their observations in weird, twisted ways. That’s also something I personally like to do.

Anyway, I would love to be able to engage with people reading my blog, so let’s start talking! Post some answers below and lets have a discussion!

Talk to you soon.

A Bit of Musing on the Future

9 Aug

So today’s post will focus more on the musings side of this blog over creative fiction. I’ll mainly just be going over some thoughts on my current book and sharing some information. However, do not worry, until I am officially done promoting the book, I will not be answering all the questions you may have on A Monstrous Tomorrow. I’ll be saving those for the Q&As during book signings.

So one of the things I’ve announced in a previous blog is that this first book will be a part of a series and that the next piece I am working on will be in that series. While I do not have a title for the new book yet, I do have a name for the series as a whole. I’m happy to announce that A Monstrous Tomorrow now resides in the The Forsaken World Chronicles and if you haven’t guessed yet, this book is the prelude or prequel to the series.

So why am I sharing this? Well because as I wrap up outlining this novel and begin delving into the writing the manuscript, I plan on sharing parts of the new book with loyal readers and everything shared will be posted on this blog. There could be parts of chapters revealed, quotes from certain characters, maybe tiny reveals of characters or new monsters, the possibilities are endless. Just know that as I create this new book, I plan to try and share it as much as I can with anyone that is interested. I want this to be as exciting for you as it is for me.

The only other thing that I wanted to share in this post for is that as production on the new book gets underway, this blog will shift a bit from creative works everyday to talking craft and other things writing. That is not to say there won’t be new creative pieces going forward, as I love writing short stories as a break from larger projects, but there may not be as many of them. I feel that doing some musings on my writing and how I go about it not only helps me sort out ideas, but will give everyone reading this blog a live look at the thoughts and ideas that go through the mind of a writer. At this point I’m thinking some of those posts will almost run as a stream of consciousness over a standard blog post.

Well that is all for now, come back again tomorrow for the final post of the week!

A Walk in the Park

8 Aug

So the other night things were strange when I went for a walk through our park alone. It has been a long week now and I’m apparently a part of a new club that I’m not completely fond of, but it was that or death. What a pain.

It all started about a week ago. I had decided it was a good time to take my german shepherd, Oscar, for a walk through a park nearby. I had just begun to get back into Pokemon Go and thought well hell, maybe there will be some stops and gyms there. It was a relatively cool evening for July so I decided to just go in the t-shirt and basketball shorts I had been wearing since my romp in the gym.

We got to the park pretty quick in my opinion. I think it was a mix of Oscar’s 80 pounds of excitement pulling me and just my general enjoyment of being outside. It was a quiet night, with a soft breeze gently ruffling my wavy black hair. Oscar began pulling me immediately towards the sidewalk that ran through the center of the park. If there is one thing that dog knew, it was his walking routes.

So we began walking this route and right away something felt uneasy. Almost as if it was out of a horror movie, well a low budget horror movie. In typical fashion, the lights lining the park began either dimming or going out all together and the only thought that crossed my mind was well that’s odd. I looked down and checked and sure enough I had my running sneakers on, in which I was grateful I had remembered to wear them today. In from of me, Oscar just kept strutting forward, tongue hanging happily out of his mouth while he swung his dopey head back and forth looking around. He didn’t care that someone was coming after us.

Sure enough, I was right and as if it was queued up in a terrible slasher film, all the lights went out in the park at once. I could feel my heart-rate starting to rise and in my head my inner monologue could only say boy howdy, we’re in trouble now. I began to pick up my pace, which got Oscar excited and he began to speed up as well. I love that dog but damn he isn’t the best at taking hints that everything may not be okay.

We’re about three quarters of the way through the park at this point when I hear the chanting begin. Now I’m not one hundred percent sure on what they were saying, but I’m pretty confident it was something along the lines of “Come with us. Fall with us. Die with us.” At this point, I had turned around and saw a bunch of hooded yahoos, faces completely covered and a weird symbol on their hoods walking my way. The symbol looked to be glowing and I’m pretty sure it was a crescent moon with an X behind it or something along those lines. At this point it didn’t matter, I said nope in my head and Oscar and I took off. Somehow that damn pooch didn’t notice the whole thing. Finally, we both get home panting and out of breath and we decide it’s best to just lock all the doors to our apartment and go to bed.

The next day I woke up with the damndest thing in my brain and it stuck with me all day. I really felt like I had misjudged those guys. Sure they seemed like evil cultists and all, but like, who am I to judge? So I decided after work I would go, this time without Oscar because I didn’t want anything to happen to him, and see what they were all about.

So let’s just fast forward to where I’m at now and I’ll give you the highlights as I go. Apparently, these hooded men wearing black robes with a blue symbol on their head were cultists. Now you may be thinking, well how’d you fuck that up dipshit? and let me just explain, I thought maybe they were like the people from the tv that were walking and yelling with tiki torches and if that was the case I had a size 13 foot to put up their asses. Screw them is what I have to say about that and I was hoping that was what was going to be the case with this group.

Turns out I was wrong and they worship some sort of ancient entity called D’mur’buden’mka but don’t even ask me how to pronounce it. I told them that was pretty neat and all but I had to go home and take care of some other business. I didn’t mention Oscar because I didn’t want them to hurt him. I offered to get drinks with them sometime soon though, but somehow that translated into threatening me with some funky looking blades and pushing me into a secret part of the park where they had their club set up.

I’m now writing all this because they forced me to drink what they said was blood out of a goblet. Now I’ve never drank blood before but I’m about ninety percent sure what I drank was probably blood. So now I’m sitting here writing in this journal in my own hooded robe. I was told I had to write my story so that D’mur’buden’mka can get to know who I am from his eternal hell dimension that they’re trying to release him from. Oh well, I’m told as long as I cooperate I can go about my daily life, I just have to report here every night and help with their rituals. I’m not terribly excited but hey, what else can you do with a knife to your back?

What a pain.

A Friendly Face

7 Aug

I always loved that you lived in a one story house. Everything was ground level and it made things so easy for me. My mind shrieked in constant fear that one day you would move to a place with multiple floors. I don’t have a vehicle that can haul a ladder and I hate the idea of not being able to see you anymore.

My favorite view is the one that looks straight into your living room. I have always adored seeing you lying there passively on your couch, spinning your blonde hair mindlessly through your fingers as you watched your reality shows in the evening. These windows were my favorite because I could sit on the curb across the street and just look in without ever seeming suspicious. If anyone passed I would simply light a cigarette and pretend to be on a nightly walk. Thankfully, the street you live on isn’t busy enough to warrant doing this ruse all that much.

I always got frustrated when 10pm would roll around and your husband would begin shutting the blinds. I hated that man, hated him with all my passion. He was the one I saw hang these blinds in the living room and I’m sure on more than one occasion he has looked out and seen me and shot a look of disdain in my direction. I hate him for that, but not as much as I hate knowing he can never love you the way I do.

It was always worse when you would move into the dining room because that was when I would have to get close to the house and risk getting caught. Your house shared a driveway with a neighbor and I always worried that they would come out and see me peering through your broken blinds. My heart would swell watching you sit at your dining room table and balance your checkbooks for the day. It proved to me what I always knew: you were as smart as you were beautiful.

From there I would creep window to window down the house with you, watching as you would go into the kitchen and begin making a snack before bed. This was one of my favorite portions of the night because it was always the easiest spot to keep an eye on you from. You and your husband always parked your cars in such a way that I could hide in between them and watch you with ease. I would love watching you glide around the kitchen in just a tank top and underwear. Your porcelain skin would radiate under the glow of the kitchen light and your movement was almost angelic in nature. Never before had I seen a woman of such slender and grace move the way you did.

Then you would leave and head to the bedroom. It was here I had always wished to follow you. I wanted to lie in the bed next to you, to learn your smell and the curves of your body intimately. However, HE was always the problem. As you would head to the bedroom I would always slide through your darkened backyard and peer at HIM in the office.

He would always sit there, his glasses reflecting all the words he would let flow from his mind to his fingers, and he would appear to be writing the next great masterpiece. I hated him for it. Just by looking at him I could see he was moronic and nothing more than a neanderthal. It was easy to see just from looking at the way his face had been chiseled. If only you knew how I could write, which is full of beauty and poetry. I would make you seem like the queen that you are and show you how you were trapped by this miserable troll.

Sometimes, peering in at him as I often did, I would point the gun I was oft to carry on me at the window. I would image letting my finger slide around the trigger and feeling the cold metal against my skin. A smile would always sneak across my face as I imagined pulling the trigger, hearing the shatter of glass and watching as the bullet entered his frontal lobe and exiting with a flurry of brain matter out the back.

But I never did. Instead I would walk around the side of the house, making sure not to bump into the chainlink fence your neighbors have. I remember the first time I had ran into it and it made your dog bark. I hated that dog for a moment, ruining my nightly ritual of listening to you peacefully sleep, but in the long run I am thankful for what that mutt did and the laziness of your husband. The busted blinds behind your bed has now given me a better image. It’s a view of you and oh how I cannot count the times I have fallen asleep dreaming of that view and imaging myself next to you.

I watch now, as you and your husband sleep with the dog dutifully sleeping near the door. I watch as your frame gently rises and falls and I count the amount of time it takes for you to inhale and then exhale. I wonder what you’re dreaming about and can only imagine that your dreams are as beautiful as you. I wonder if you know that I watch over you, protect you, keep you safe. People often say they know when they’re being watched. Do you feel that way and do you feel safe?

For both our sakes, I hope you do.

The View from the Shore

6 Aug

The white sand on the beach wraps delicately around my feet as I stand at the edge of the shore, watching as the cerulean waves crash gently onto my legs. The only sounds that can be heard is the rush of the water running up the bank as the tide inches ever closer to where they’re all hanging out.

On the horizon there is a flash in the darkening sky. A deep guttural growl issues from the unknown miles away. There is a breeze that slaps gently across my face, reminding me of the storm that is threatening in the distance. I believe it smells like salt and water, but I question if the smell is real or just what I’ve been led to believe about the ocean. The others still have not noticed the storm coming in.

I lean back slowly, ever so slowly, until my butt smashes into the hot sand. An indentation emerges where my large frame has pushed heftily into the earth. The sand is only warm for an instant, as the water rushes up to wash the beach out of my hairy legs. It runs down into the hole my body has created and leaves my genitals and rear-end both wet and cool. I enjoy the touch as it feels intimate, a secret meeting between myself and the ocean. Behind me, I hear someone beginning to move.

I close my eyes and lean back, letting the sun begin to cook my porcelain skin. It has been awhile since my last endeavor into this setting and oh, how I missed it so. The heat from above turns my skin as red as an eighth grader sharing their feelings with a crush for the first time. The water rushes up and across my body again and I shudder with delight between the contrast of the hot dry air above and the cooling rush across the ground. Behind me, someone begins to cast a shadow over my head.

“Alright now, that’s enough Stewart,” I hear above me. I keep my eyes shut, ignoring the person harassing me. Behind them, I can hear everyone else leaving. I ignore them as well and listen as the waves crash against the shore and how, still in the distance, the crashing of thunder threatens those at sea.

“Stewart, let’s go!” A hairy arm as thick as a baseball bat reaches down and pulls at my hair. I let out a screech and kick out, which appears to have been the wrong decision. A whistle pierces the air as several more uniformed men run and begin grabbing at me as I continue to lash out.

My eyes open now and the room returns. There are showers everywhere, all turned off and men in towels staring at me. Above, fluorescent lights shine down on my wet and glistening body as a ceiling fan sends a chill into my bones. The uniformed guards are all angry, each trying to grab my naked frame and drag me from the floor. In the distance, outside of the barred windows, I can hear the crash of thunder. I look from my vantage point near the central drain in the room and see another flash of lightning. I smile as I feel the doctor with the round glasses tell me everything will be okay.

A slight sting in the side of my neck. I close my eyes. I am back at the beach.

Weekly Update!

4 Aug

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d do a quick, non-creative blog post today to just generally talk about some things. So yeah, I’m just going to get right down to it.

First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has bought a copy of my book, A Monstrous Tomorrow, I’m grateful beyond comprehension, beyond words, beyond anything imaginable. You get the idea. So simply put, thank you.

If you haven’t heard as well, I will be doing a book signing in Peru, Illinois on September 8th. If you’re interested in the details, they can be on found  by clicking here. I’m also considering adding other places and dates, so if you know somewhere that would like to bring me in or would like to see me in your area, comment and let me know!

As always, once you finish reading the book, make sure to head back to Amazon and leave a review. Don’t worry, I will not be upset if it’s a bad review either. Any kind of commentary on it will help further my development as a writer. If you don’t wish to leave a review on Amazon, you can also help out by reviewing or rating on Goodreads as well. It’s easy to set up an account on there and if you’re a book lover, it’s well worth having.

Finally, I know I have people reading this blog from various media outlets. So I figured what I would do here is just share the various social media outlets I have and extend an invitation out to everyone to begin following them and explain generally what I use them for.

So obviously I do have this blog and for anyone that reads it off of other social media platforms and enjoys the content, I invite you to follow this page. By doing so, you’ll receive an email every time a new post is made, that way you never have to miss out!

Next I have my Facebook page that is simply Ty Noel. This is what I consider my official business page at the moment. It is here where all my official business as an author can be found.

I also have a twitter account with the handle TyNoel. It is here where I tend to discuss writing, my passion for the Bears, and just other things I find funny. I can also be found on instagram at TyNoel91 and I will be honest, that mainly has pictures of anything that is around me at the time or of my dog. He’s pretty cute and pretty much the only reason to follow my Instagram. I have also set up a ko-fi account as well, where donations can be made to help with basic things like paying for advertisement or getting new equipment.

Well I believe that about does it for this post. Thank you for reading, thank you for being supportive, and of course, enjoy the weekend!

P.S. my book is FREE if you have Amazon Prime, which if you do, there’s no reason you haven’t read it yet! So get out there and read that copy today!


Journal ent…

3 Aug

It was a trap.

Wealthy benefi…

works 4 them.

I’m wounded.

No time.

Send hel…