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Writing Prompt: DA BEARS

12 Sep

So as per usual, yesterday I released my weekly writing prompt which you can read here.  However, for the purpose of this post, I will do a quick highlight of it and say that the prompt asked for people to write about their favorite things. One of mine is the Chicago Bears. Without further ado, here is how I wrote the prompt.

(Btw this is quick take of last week’s game and how I felt)

The old boogyman had returned from the shadows of the locker room. We had thought we had crippled him, taken him out of the game. Chicago had unleashed their monsters in the first half, a destructive force that had been missing for the past several years. The boogyman had seemed frightened and wounded, hauled off in a cart while leaving his newest prodigy to be feasted on by the ravished monsters of the midway.

But then he returned, pumped full of magic juice that let him forget about the leg the monsters had tried to take. He stood their and fired off his cannon over and over into the helpless swarm of monsters. The boogyman had returned, garbed in his horrendous green and yellow attire, a color scheme only the most dimwitted of fans could admire, and he attacked.

And attacked.

The boogyman had returned to strike fear into the hearts of every Chicago fan, with every play leading closer to their fall. An all to familiar narrative began to unfold. The offense of the Bears, grizzly and aggressive in the first half fell to a whimper and soft swipes at the opposing defense. The monsters of the midway ran and hid as the boogyman sliced and diced his way through them, chipping away at their power.

There were a few valiant attempts by both the offense and defense in the end to slay the beast from the north, but they failed like so many had before. When the clock hit zero, the boogyman had done it again, he had ripped the heart out of Chicago Bear fans all over again.

Throughout their fan base, heads fell painfully into hands. Things were thrown and cussing ensued. A false hope had been born that this was the year the Bears would be feared again. Instead, a resounding message spread gently through the ether, “there are the bears we know and love.”

And with that message, a painful reminder was born. Win or lose, your favorite team will still be one that you’ll begrudgingly love. We’ll see you in December number 12.





And that’s my coverage of my writing prompt for the week. As you can see I decided to write on my favorite sports team, the Chicago Bears. However, instead of doing a traditional post following the format of “this is my favorite thing and here is why,” I decided to try and tell a story without a traditional way of reporting on a sporting event.

The main reason I chose to write it this way is because I know not everyone is into sports and so I wanted to make fun and interesting to read for those that don’t follow football. I made the opposition an enemy while trying to show the bears as a hero while still sticking with the fan base’s nickname for the Chicago Bear defense.

I hope you enjoyed the piece and check back in tomorrow to see what new content will be headed your way!


Weekly Writing Prompt: Gulf Shores

5 Sep

Hello! So usually I would give a big run up before showing what my version of the prompt is. This time, however, I’m simply going to write now and explain after. Enjoy!

Off in the distance, a flash of light in the sky accompanied by a warm breeze. In front of me, the water rolls and crashes, shoving everything in its path back to the shore. Silhouettes in the night stand in the water, laughing as its violent warmth washes over them.

I walk forward and into the water. It’s lukewarm, different than the Atlantic and Pacific, both of which are cold to the touch. Another breeze blows in, carrying with it another storm. The smell of salt water burns in my nostrils, bringing a childish smile to my face. Staring off into the distance there is nothing but darkness, mixed with white from the breaking of the waves. Flashes of light go off in the distance.

I wade further out into the water, getting to about waist high. Around me, my friends whoop and holler, fighting against the waves. In the strength of the sea and its never ending power, we become small children. We run around, laughing and tackling one another into it’s warm embrace.

The gulf is not gentle though. She pushes and pulls, rolling our bodies under the waves as they crash violently. On more than one occasion I can feel the sand underneath me rip at my skin as the water forces my body to rub across it mercilessly. As I come up for air I can see my friends facing the same fate. We take a moment to stand and relax, before fighting against the water once again.

This process continues for awhile. Us jumping and diving, letting the waves rush over us and letting everything fall aside. In the water I don’t think about the 16 hour drive we embarked on, one to leave our closest friends behind in this paradise. I don’t fret over what stories to read at my upcoming book signing or how many people will show. The worries of present slip away and it’s just my friends and I enjoying the ocean. It’s my fiancee and myself and embracing and sharing a kiss in the water, pretending as if the others on shore cannot see us.

Simply put, it’s a vacation.


So I don’t plan on doing too much of a breakdown on this piece as well. As you can see, I did a small of amount of setting, letting my reader know that I was at a major body of water but that it wasn’t the Atlantic or Pacific. I felt this was important because it allows the reader to imagine where I’m at without having to specifically been to the Gulf Shores.

I also chose to make myself the main character and leave my friends nameless. In as short of a piece as this is, I felt it was best to not have to try and describe and create everyone. By keeping it short and sweet, I felt I was able to show off a single aspect of my vacation and what it was like to be in the ocean again.

Finally, I decided to stay focused in on the ocean and its effects on a person. The main reason I chose this was two-fold. The first was that it was probably the best part of the trip. For anyone that doesn’t live near the sea, you’ll understand what I mean. The second is that the ocean is always something fun to write about and take on as a writer. There have been many ways its been written about and I’d be shocked if there weren’t more that came later on.

Well that’s it for now. If you have any questions or want to share your own work, feel free to leave it in the comments wherever you may have seen this post!


The Room

15 Aug

To follow up with yesterday’s writing prompt, as promised I have wrote my own. Now keep in mind that this is just an exercise. Mine, like many of yours, probably won’t be terribly exciting or fun to read, but it’s to get the juices flowing.

So for those that may not remember the prompt, it was to describe the area in which you are writing. Here is mine:

I sit in a black leather rolling chair everyday. The seat sinks softly as I plop down and I can feel pieces coming off and sticking to my arms, a sign of how old this chair is. When I inevitably begin to rock back and forth, the chair squeaks and moans, reminding me time just what time can do to an object.

In front of me is the laptop I write on daily. It’s screen color turned down to make it easier to stare at all day while the keys are slightly faded from use. The power cord shines a light orange as it charges the old beast and a spidered crack runs up the length of the mousepad on the eight year old MacBook Pro.

The laptop rests gently on a desk with an foggy glass top. Looking directly down at it, it is impossible to see what lurks below, but general smears and scratches show its age as well. The whole thing is framed with a dark cherry wood. It is hard to tell if the wood for this desk was always this color or stained that way.

Other items of importance that exist on this desk with me. A coffee mug that changes daily. The one today is large and a dark blue with white text that says “A GIANT CUP OF SUCK MY DICK.” It portrays how I feel about the rainy day. There is also a liter of water, generally look warm and kept in an ice mountain bottle. There is a bamboo designed coaster, one to help protect what’s left of the integrity of the glass desk. Finally, a sure scents container filled with beads, something to help add a nice aroma to the work station.

Things of little importance include a small green container holding various items such as pencils, pens, markers, and other office supplies. Two different black mesh vessels holding notebooks, paper, and more. Two pen holders, one mesh and the other a solid maroon color, both there holding a more pens, pencils, and markers that we more than likely don’t need. There is a post-it note holder (also mesh), a large black printer that displays the brand HP Photosmart 7510 and has a toy raptor hiding on it’s side.

Things of mild importance: The fiancee’s Samsung laptop with her headphones and charger sitting messily on top of it. There is a kleenex box shoved to the side next to my father’s moving discs he forgot to take with him after he helped us settle into our new home. There is also a family calendar, to help remind me of important dates and times, although not much is written on there. There is a window that has the blinds turned open to allow myself to work with natural light, although today’s is cloudy and depressing in nature. Finally, a fish tank sits to the left of me, a fine distraction to add to the many I need as a writer. It is filled with various tetras and a beta, with bright decorations and rocks to help brighten the mood.

This is my workspace and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



So as you can see, I chose literally to describe everything around me. The things that were important took more details than the ones that didn’t. This writing exercise works in two folds. It lets you see what you need and what you don’t in your writing work space. It also allows for you to practice description of a setting. As you can tell by my writing, I couldn’t just sit and describe the items in front of me, I had to also insert a character (myself) into the writing so that I could find a purpose to describe these things.

I hope that this was helpful. As stated in yesterday’s post, I would love to see what kind of writing was done with this prompt, if any was done. If not, give me some feedback on what you would like to see more of or would possibly like help with later on.