From Here to There

Photo by Aleksandr

The temperature continued to rise. I was sweating, both from the sun beating mercilessly into the car, and fear. Outside, they were everywhere and I couldn’t move.

I should have checked before climbing into the vehicle, but I wanted the perfect shot. My sponsors wanted two things from me: a show of how well their products worked, and my tits out while I did it.

It was some kind of rust remover. I was to find something to scrub down in my bikini with and show just how great the product was. The real key was my body, as they felt men would be more invested in buying it if they were watching my body bounce as I scrubbed.

My Instagram photographer, Ken, and I decided it’d be best to go into the woods and shoot in an abandoned car. Halloween was coming up and in a week or two and we thought it would be the perfect to drop this advertisement the first day of October.

Lying strapped down to the chair now, I should have realized that something was off. There had been a warm breeze throughout the day but entering the woods the air had died and a slight fog wrapped around my knockoff Yeezy’s, another product that needed to be advertised with my body.

I had mentioned to my photographer how nice it was to have that fog roll in, how we could use it in the shoot, but all he did was grunt. I looked back at him and saw a glazed look in his eyes, but I had assumed he was just stoned since that’s “how his talent” works.

We finally made it to the old Volkswagen Beetle. It was an faded green with rust in several places and spray paint covering it from top to bottom. There were strange symbols drawn all over it, which was another plus for me. Anything that upped the creepiness factor was a win.

I pulled out the product, Rust-Away, and climbed onto the hood of the car. The old vehicle creaked and moaned as my tanned body climbed across it on all fours. Ken just stood and watched so I had to yell at him to get his camera out and begin shooting. This wasn’t the first time he watched over getting the shot.

I poured more Rust-Away onto the hood of the car and turned my back on the open windshield. I remember I had been rubbing it in vigorously, making sure everything was moving and shaking the right way. Then Ken simply disappeared.

I stopped and stared at the area in which he had just been standing, slack jawed and wide eyed. I tried to comprehend what I saw when I felt it, two hands on my hips. I turned to try and spray the Rust-Away into the face of my attacker, but I hit the chair behind me with extreme force, feeling and old spring nearly break the skin in my back.

I tried to let out a scream but nothing came out. My intruder must have sprayed something in my face because my eyes, nose, and mouth burned and I was unable to breathe or see.

I had been able to smell something putrid, followed by a loud crackling sound, before everything went deathly silent. All movement around me stopped. I felt as if this was the end, my body tied tightly to an old driver’s seat, no around to save me. The last memory I had was the inability to breath before my consciousness dipped away.

I can still feel the rope tied tightly to my body. The car is at an inhabitable temperature. I fight as best as I can but I am unable to move. Outside, the noises of some kind of monstrosities move beyond where I can see.

My consciousness begins to fade again when I hear the sound of my the driver’s side door opening. I let out a desperate scream and for a second my attackers recoil, but the door opening has let a flood of cool air into the car. I can breathe.

The monsters return again and I let out another scream before I see them. My fear quickly switches to confusion as the monster is another person. They reach for my hands and pull. I try to tell them about the rope but am stunned to see my arms raise with ease.

With that, it’s as if a spell had been broken or a curse had been lifted. I sat up with them and looked around. People were all standing around the car, looking baffled and scared. My rescuer tries to speak to me but I don’t understand the words.

The woods are now gone and all that’s left is a parking lot outside of a Six Flags. The car I’m in is still the Volkswagen bug but it’s now in excellent condition. I try to ask where I am and how I got here, but no one seems to understand my words.

I step out of the car with my rescuer and immediately fall to my knees. My body feels off and as I look down I realize why. During my captivity I lost all muscle, all fat, in my body. Everything about me is gone. I try to let out a new scream of pain but my voice fails me.

More people gather around but I can’t speak. I can’t move. They come closer and closer, staring and ogling at my weightless figure. I try to do something but the claustrophobia takes over. My consciousness fades as my head hits the pavement, the sun fading away from the shadows of every onlookers.

In the distance I hear shouts and the sound of a siren. Then, silence.

Author: tynoel

Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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