A Storm

“Your mother had said we need to stay inside tonight,” Grinthral said. I ignored him. The constant sound of thunder had awoken me to the storm rolling in.

I turned now and looked at Grinthral. The shaggy white hair that covered his body was matted down down from the barrage of rain that had overtaken us. His leathery monkeyish face was frowning down at me. I knew it would take him hours to get dry, but I needed to see the lightning man.

“Come on now Bethany, you know he isn’t real,” Grinthral said. “How are we going to explain this one to your mother? She already had a hard enough time believing you about me.”

This was true. When Bethany had first told her mother about Grinthral and how he was an abominable snowman, she didn’t believe her at all. It wasn’t until he came in and introduced herself did her mother believe. Well, after she had come around from fainting.

Bethany smiled at how silly that had been and how other creatures like Grinthral had begun to show up in their sleepy little town. Supposedly there were all sorts of problems that came with them being here Bethany’s mom tried to tell her, but she didn’t care. She had her new buddy and she couldn’t be happier.

Overhead the wind began to blow violently through the trees. Bethany and Grinthral both watched as the silhouettes tossed violently back and forth. Above, a crack of thunder. The storm was coming to life and Bethany could feel the hairs on the back of her freckled neck begin to stand.

All of Grinthral’s body hair must have been standing up Bethany thought as she stared up into the air. Where is the lightning man?

“Please Bethany, for the last time, we need to go in,” Grinthral said. His usually deep voice cracked a little, almost as if he was scared. “Your nightgown is soaked through and it has to be freezing out here for you. Come in befo–“

Grinthral was cut off as a flash of lightning struck down violently into Bethany’s yard but instead of retreating into the sky, the bolt stayed. In front of them was what appeared to be a man, the man she was looking for.

He was tall, but not as tall as Grinthral. He looked determined, as if he had a purpose, if you could say that about a lightning man with limited features. In fact, there were very few things Bethany could make out about him. She could tell that he was wearing some kind of old, round hat and it appeared as if he was wearing a suit while twirling a cane. She could only guess though, since she soon had to look away from the brightness of it all.

He stayed for a moment longer before opening his mouth to speak. There was a loud crackling noise, followed by a pounding bang before he disappeared back into the night sky. The noise left both Grinthral and Bethany on the ground, covering their eyes and ears.

“What was that?” Grinthral asked, “and how did you know it was here?” He stared at her, a new look of worry spreading over his face. Around them, the storm continued to rage. Bethany however, was unable to answer as she stared in disbelief at the image in the yard.

It was a symbol, and a strange one at that. One no one could know because she had never spoken it out loud or even drawn it before. It was the symbol that has haunted her dreams for as long as she could remember and now it was scorched into her backyard for all to see.

Author: tynoel

Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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