So for this week’s prompt I decided to quickly create a planet. Instead of writing a complete story for it, however, I decided to give it a detailed list. Now don’t get me wrong, you can handle this anyway you. For myself, I believe having a list compiled makes it easier to see all the features I want to add. As things begin to condense and the magnifying glass is brought in on the importance of this world, I will change it from a list to actual descriptions.

But for now, a detailed list will suffice. This should also show you that sometimes just writing out some ideas helps as well.

Planet: Aldaku

Location: In the galaxy of Habitau, in the system of Granskull.

Granskull: Was given name due to it the system being in the shape of a skull and having two suns that appear to be glowing eyes. Aldaku is located in a far outer orbit from one of them.

Aldaku is a planet of extremes that is known for only having terrible summers and winters. The planet spins quickly on its axis, creating quick seasonal changes.

This leaves the inhabitants of the planet as mainly a carnivorous group since the vegetation that grows on Aldaku has to be as tough as the people that live on it to survive.

Aldaku is made up of mostly land with only two major oceans existing on the planet. One thing that helps the people out is that the water is fresh, which makes it drinkable.

The planet itself doesn’t have much in the way of life, however. It’s rich in a mineral that the more habitable planets closer to the sun lack. Due to this reason, the people that live there are mainly mining colonies.

I could go on and deep into the details of this planet and the solar system it exists in, but you get the idea. This world building exercise is something simple and easy. Mine was simply creating names and zeroing in until I had a single planet pictured in my head. From there, I gave it a few defining traits and was able to begin creating a bit of a backstory for it and the galaxy.

So now it’s your turn. If you haven’t already, check out yesterday’s writing prompt and get to work. As long as you share what you create, you’re welcome to use to galaxy and solar system that I just described!


Author: tynoel

Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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