A Walk in the Park

So the other night things were strange when I went for a walk through our park alone. It has been a long week now and I’m apparently a part of a new club that I’m not completely fond of, but it was that or death. What a pain.

It all started about a week ago. I had decided it was a good time to take my german shepherd, Oscar, for a walk through a park nearby. I had just begun to get back into Pokemon Go and thought well hell, maybe there will be some stops and gyms there. It was a relatively cool evening for July so I decided to just go in the t-shirt and basketball shorts I had been wearing since my romp in the gym.

We got to the park pretty quick in my opinion. I think it was a mix of Oscar’s 80 pounds of excitement pulling me and just my general enjoyment of being outside. It was a quiet night, with a soft breeze gently ruffling my wavy black hair. Oscar began pulling me immediately towards the sidewalk that ran through the center of the park. If there is one thing that dog knew, it was his walking routes.

So we began walking this route and right away something felt uneasy. Almost as if it was out of a horror movie, well a low budget horror movie. In typical fashion, the lights lining the park began either dimming or going out all together and the only thought that crossed my mind was well that’s odd. I looked down and checked and sure enough I had my running sneakers on, in which I was grateful I had remembered to wear them today. In from of me, Oscar just kept strutting forward, tongue hanging happily out of his mouth while he swung his dopey head back and forth looking around. He didn’t care that someone was coming after us.

Sure enough, I was right and as if it was queued up in a terrible slasher film, all the lights went out in the park at once. I could feel my heart-rate starting to rise and in my head my inner monologue could only say boy howdy, we’re in trouble now. I began to pick up my pace, which got Oscar excited and he began to speed up as well. I love that dog but damn he isn’t the best at taking hints that everything may not be okay.

We’re about three quarters of the way through the park at this point when I hear the chanting begin. Now I’m not one hundred percent sure on what they were saying, but I’m pretty confident it was something along the lines of “Come with us. Fall with us. Die with us.” At this point, I had turned around and saw a bunch of hooded yahoos, faces completely covered and a weird symbol on their hoods walking my way. The symbol looked to be glowing and I’m pretty sure it was a crescent moon with an X behind it or something along those lines. At this point it didn’t matter, I said nope in my head and Oscar and I took off. Somehow that damn pooch didn’t notice the whole thing. Finally, we both get home panting and out of breath and we decide it’s best to just lock all the doors to our apartment and go to bed.

The next day I woke up with the damndest thing in my brain and it stuck with me all day. I really felt like I had misjudged those guys. Sure they seemed like evil cultists and all, but like, who am I to judge? So I decided after work I would go, this time without Oscar because I didn’t want anything to happen to him, and see what they were all about.

So let’s just fast forward to where I’m at now and I’ll give you the highlights as I go. Apparently, these hooded men wearing black robes with a blue symbol on their head were cultists. Now you may be thinking, well how’d you fuck that up dipshit? and let me just explain, I thought maybe they were like the people from the tv that were walking and yelling with tiki torches and if that was the case I had a size 13 foot to put up their asses. Screw them is what I have to say about that and I was hoping that was what was going to be the case with this group.

Turns out I was wrong and they worship some sort of ancient entity called D’mur’buden’mka but don’t even ask me how to pronounce it. I told them that was pretty neat and all but I had to go home and take care of some other business. I didn’t mention Oscar because I didn’t want them to hurt him. I offered to get drinks with them sometime soon though, but somehow that translated into threatening me with some funky looking blades and pushing me into a secret part of the park where they had their club set up.

I’m now writing all this because they forced me to drink what they said was blood out of a goblet. Now I’ve never drank blood before but I’m about ninety percent sure what I drank was probably blood. So now I’m sitting here writing in this journal in my own hooded robe. I was told I had to write my story so that D’mur’buden’mka can get to know who I am from his eternal hell dimension that they’re trying to release him from. Oh well, I’m told as long as I cooperate I can go about my daily life, I just have to report here every night and help with their rituals. I’m not terribly excited but hey, what else can you do with a knife to your back?

What a pain.

Author: tynoel

Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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