Journal Entry 1: The Dinosaurs

There is a common belief that it was a meteor that struck the earth at a high velocity years ago, effectively wiping out the dinosaurs. With this belief, I agree. There would be no other logical explanation as to what could have done it. However, I believe there was something more that came with that meteor and led to the demise of the dinosaurs.

Now don’t be silly and think that I believe for a second any of the hogwash that’s infiltrated our movies and television. Heavens no, none of that. I don’t believe there are transformers secretly hidden underground or trapped deep within the ice. It’s just like I don’t believe there is a spaceship buried at the bottom of Thor’s Well or the Mariana’s Trench. It’s all non-sense.

No I believe something, or several somethings did exit that meteor and have plagued our planet ever since. I have researched this case thoroughly and I feel that I have enough evidence to try and prove what these creatures are. I don’t have a specific name for them yet, but I hope as I continue my research and begin to share it here, others may be able to help me name them. For now, here is what I know:

In all, I have found accounts of 11 different entities leaving this meteor. Over the years they have emerged to feast before disappearing again. Each have some form of color that is attached to them, and it either illuminates the air or can be found in the backdrop of their attacks. All of them are still alive and well today, thriving amongst our current discord.

I shall post another entry soon, but for now that is all I am willing to share. I fear that recently my research may have fallen into dangerous hands. I pray that it hasn’t fallen in with one of the eleven, heavens no. Each of them are dark and would make me wish for death if they knew that I had found them.

I shall share this for now, since it’s surely on a page they would never expect. I plea with you, implore of you, beg to you, please return to this page tomorrow. If there is another journal entry then you will know I have not been found out and I will hopefully be able to slip in more information on our enemy. If there is no journal entry, then you must run and hide, as quickly as possible. If they’ve gotten to me, it’ll only be a matter of time until they get to you.


Author: tynoel

Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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