A World Forgotten

Darryn the Vicious stood on the brightly lit field and waited for the final hero to show his face. He had planned this encounter for weeks, carefully picking his location and determining what would give him his biggest audience yet. The football field off of Claremont worked perfectly. It was the Thursday night Thanksgiving game and there was always a high viewership of it. He was going to make sure this one was extra special.

Over the last several months he has picked them off one by one. Heroes and villains alike fell to his feet in submission, only to have their meaningless lives snubbed out by his blade. He knew what he had been sent here for and it was to end the series of pointless heroics and villainy in this feeble existence.

Darryn yearned to be able to return to his realm. It was a realm that was once shrouded in magic and peace. That changed when Tryson the Tyrant appeared. This demon of a creature came and laid waste to his home, snuffing out the lives of peaceful people and animals that inhabited the meadows, the seas, and the forests. Tryson the Tyrant continued to burn and kill his way through Darryn’s world until Darryn the Noble had enough. He stepped forward and killed Tryson the Tyrant, but at a cost. Darryn’s people were not allowed to murder as it was part of the peace and magic that prevailed in the land. So Darryn made a plea deal, if he travelled to every realm and stopped those like Tryson the Tyrant from prevailing ever again, he could return home.

So Darryn the Noble travelled from realm to realm, slaying the villains and the tyrants of the worlds and bringing them peace. The problem was, as Darryn the Noble strayed farther and farther away from his home, the more he forgot and the more brutal he became. His mind warped and soon it wasn’t just evil and villains that needed to be stopped, but heroes as well. If he could travel through these realms and kill as he pleased why couldn’t any one else with special powers?

Now Darryn stood and waited, watching as the football players cowered in their tunnels from him. Fans sat facing him, faces aghast as his magic held them in the stadium and glued to their seats. Daryn the Vicious lofted his sword high in the air, issuing a green flame up into the sky that bellowed out a message.

“Ivan Impossible, meet my challenge and your fate,” a voice echoed throughout the city. Darryn lowered the sword and waited. It didn’t take long for Ivan to show. He was a tall and lanky man in a weird latex suit. Darryn never understood these costumes the various heroes and villains wore in all the realms. Darryn himself wore only a plain black armor and it was to keep him safe in battle.

“Darryn, you don’t have to do this.” Ivan stated. As he walked he continued to stretch himself taller and taller, as if to hulk over Darryn. Darryn had seen this power before and it bored him.

“No Ivan, I must,” Darryn said. He pointed his sword at Ivan and the entire blade began to be engulfed in green flame. Ivan looked at it and frowned before stretching down to the same height as Darryn.

“You know, I found out about you Darryn the Vicious, or as you used to be called, Darryn the Noble,” Ivan said. He had raised his hands in surrender, but continued to walk towards Darryn. Darryn faltered for a moment but kept his eyes and sword trained on Ivan.

“Yes, it took a lot of time and research,” Ivan continued. “It was horrible trying to trace your bloody path, but I followed it to the end. It pained me as you sliced through friends and enemies alike. But you know what I found? I found that you use to be like me, like my friends. I found that a person just like you came to your world and obliterated what you loved. I’m so sorry for that Darryn, but enough is enough. Just look at yourself, you’re no longer the man your people remember,” and as Ivan said that he gestured to the megatron near the top of the stadium.

Darryn stared dumbfounded as a picture of himself from the past was displayed. His hair had been blonde and short. His eyes were a light purple and his smile bright and inviting. On his left arm was his beautiful wife with her long brown hair and light pink eyes. On his right arm was his son, with long blonde hair and pink eyes. In the picture next to it was Darryn the Vicious, his hair long and black while his eyes had turned to a fiery red. He was running his flaming green sword through a hero he couldn’t remember. He shook his head as Ivan Impossible began to gently take the sword from Darryn.

“Come on now Darryn,” Ivan said. “It’s over. Let me help you. If I could find that photo of you and your family, I can find a way to get you back to them.” Darryn lowered his gaze down to Ivan and smiled, a fierce smile full of danger and anger.

“No Ivan, I don’t believe you can,” Darryn replied. “You must not have looked hard enough when you found that photo, because if you had you would have known they’re both on the same crusade as me. A crusade in which none of us can return.” With that, Darryn took the blade and ran it through Ivan Impossible, watching as his blood splattered onto the field behind him and ruined his bright white, latex suit. The crowd gasped and cried as Darryn kicked Ivan’s limp body to the ground. Darryn lifted his blade skyward and made a circular motion in the sky, opening a portal. He took one last look around and smiled. These people were finally free. No more heroes. No more villains. Only each other to control their future.

It was a world Darryn was proud to create.

Author: tynoel

Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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